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A Beautiful Kingdom of Street Dogs and a Dog Man – Vidit Sharma

“Wherever there are wild animals in the world, there is always an opportunity for caring, compassion and kindness.”

This story of a man is making the above statement true.

Vidit, this name is quite familiar amongst the animal lovers in Delhi NCR. If you go out on the streets of NCR city Noida, you will always find a man with buckets full of dog food and several dogs around him.

No matter how many things he owns or how little money he has, the love for street dogs made Vidit a rich man; it’s because they don’t make him feel bad and he is living his life with 1,000 plus streets dogs in Noida. Vidit now call them a family and himself a Dog person.  Astonished, same is the feeling we had when we first  seen his pics on social media.

Vidit had a dream of having a sizable group of friends to enjoy and spend his time, and then one day he saw a hungry dog on a busy street of Noida and he gave some biscuits to the dog. It was a moment which gave him a feel good factor and he decided to share happiness with the street dogs from the same day.

Soon, Vidit started a Dog Kitchen to serve the food to these lives. A kitchen which was started with one dog to eat, is now currently serving food to ~1,000 stray dogs. This includes 100 plus small puppies and they are no more called stray dogs because they now have a person who takes care of them. As of today Vidit cooks 100 kg rice, 400 eggs, oat meal and carry 50 litres of milk for the dogs on the streets of Noida at multiple locations. 

Vidit’s story looks very normal but his new dream is to open a “Dog Shelter” for all elderly dogs and smalls pups when at his age most of us thinks about a good house and a good car for ourself. Vidit says that “All the lives of the earth deserves a better life and same is with the street dogs also. We should adopt the stray dogs and provide the an accommodation while being kind and gentle towards the animals on the earth.” 

Through “Incredible Story” Vidit wants to urge more people to come forward and work towards making the life easy of the street dogs around us.

Vidit is also working on supporting the rikshaw-pullers in his neighbourhood and helping the family of one rickshaw puller from his own saving and providing groceries and other essential items. Very recently Vidit and his friends also started a food campaign for rikshaw-pullers and providing food to almost 500 rikshaw-pullers on Sundays. The team distributes cooked meal and food packets to these rikshaw-pullers.

He is supported by his friends and family in this initiative but still facing challenges as its very tough to arrange the food in that quantity on daily basis. If you wish to help Vidit please reach out to him on +91-9899600421.

Vidit Sharma is staying in Noida Sector 31, and a post graduate (MBA) in Training and Development.

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