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A Green Amabassdor from the State of Desert: Monika Jangir

Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity: Buddha

Monika Jangir is commonly known as environmentalist and gardener. Monika, a resident of Delhi Bypass Road, Pink City Jaipur, comes from a very simple family. Her father Shyamsunder Jangir works as a labourer in furniture factory and mother Meena Devi is a normal duodenum. In spite of all this, Monica today has a distinct identity at the national level as a female environmentalist.

Monika says that after studying in private school till tenth, the housemates got enrolled in a government school due to poor financial condition of the family. As Monika was consistently performing well in her studies, she cleared an examination conducted by Shalini Care and was selected for scholarships. During this time she got in touch with Sri Kalpataru Sansthan and joined the wider team to pursue her passion.

Sharing the love and passion for Nature

Monika’s way of working makes her different from the world. She is always ready to tell people about gardening, no matter how small a house or terrace it is. By getting encouragement from Monika, today many women have started making small innovations related to different types of species in their homes and preparing fruits and vegetables in their own homes. It proves that “There isn’t enough darkness in all the world to snuff out the light of one little candle.”

Monika strongly believes that by living in a natural environment, people maintain good health both physically and mentally, as well as develop the ability to think positively. Not only this, people also get organic vegetables in their own house and their money is also saved.

Monika in the Lap of nature

Monika says that she has learned a lot from the Sri Kalpataru Sansthan. She further added, at first I loved to plant trees, but was not aware about other things like how to take care of plants, what season is best for which plant etc and also I got to know about many medicine plants which are very important in life. Upon asking about her idol in life, Monika has shared that she is fortunate enough to have Vishnu Lamba as her Ideal. Vishnu Lamba is an environmentalist known as The Tree Man of India. Monika says that she has learned a lot from Lamba sir about plantation and gardening. Vishnu always says that keep working without worrying even in the most difficult economic situation and remain very ordinary even when more resources are available.

Monika believes that if all the young people will come forward to support the environment and maintain greenery around us, then we will definitely succeed . Sri Kalpataru Sansthan has been doing this work for many years. Vishnu Lamba says “We have succeeded to a great extent in creating an environment for environmental protection through grassroots innovations and today we are carrying out many environmental activists without any grants in each corner of the country.”

Vishnu Lamba: The Treeman of India

Monika has been awarded on several forums so far. Monika has been honoured with a certificate in the year 2016 by Mr Rajkumar Rinwa, Minister of Forest and Environment, Government of Rajasthan. So far she has been awarded by Member of Parliament Mr Ramacharan Bohra (2017), by Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Mr KL Meena  (2018), by Dr Satish Poonia, by Ms Baby Rani Maurya, Governor of Uttarakhand (2019).  Few lines from her inspired Monika to do more for the environment and from there Monika has started a new intitiatve named as “The Kalptaru Gardner”. 

She then started going to households and started raising awareness about the side effects of plastic. So far Monika has planted and grown more than 7000 plants. Due to the weak economic conditions, Monika has faced many chalenges and to overcome that she started teaching the children from the neighbourhood and continued her own education as well as her passion. For her exceptional contribution, She has been honoured at the district level, state level and national level so far in the Vriksha Mitra Samman ceremony organized by Shri Kalpataru Sansthan.

During the workshops

While sharing her future plans Monika added that Shri Kalpataru Sansthan is committed to plant 5 crore trees in 100 villages of the country to convert them as the environmentally ideal village, also the Sansthan is committed to provide the employment opportunities for the unemployed youth.

Monika has shared an emotional moment when recently Himachal  Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Jairam Thakur has blessed her by sending a Himachali Cap. He has mentioned in his tweet  that he considers Monika as her daughter. Inspired by her mother, she tells that she had planted eucalyptus plant outside her house during childhood which is now grown as a large tree. The same childhood learning from mother is now flourishing through the Sansthan and is giving opportunity to serve humanity by participating in initiatives related to social concerns. Not only this, Monika also regularly arranges for thousands of unruly birds by saving them.

Care for animals and birds

Through Incredible Story – Your Story Teller Monika wants to share her advice with the readers that keep as much greenery around us as possible, do not pollute our traditional water sources, use local things in our everyday work, boycott plastics because the climate is changing the world and we all have to contribute to deal with it.

Monika believes that we all need clean air, clean water and healthy food. We must protect the nature and forests for human, also for those who speaks different languages like animals, birds, trees.

At the end she recalls one quote given by Albert Einstein: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Connect Monika on: The Jaipur Gardener (@JaipurGardener) / Twitter or Shree Kalptaru Sansthan (@kalptaru108) / Twitter

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