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Antyoday to Gramoday: Shaan Foundation

Shaan Foundation’s journey started with Covid-19 journey in India. One fine day the founder of Shaan Foundation, Anurag Trivedi, was walking back to his home and all of sudden he saw many people running for food behind a ration distribution vehicle. This incident has unsettled him from the core of his heart, he was too much shaken and was not able to sleep the whole night. This incident of Anurag’s life has changed the perspective in the life and it was then he started a drive to do something for the people in need.

On the very first day of the initiative he spend some money from his savings which he kept for future from his hard earned money and arranged grocery items for 100+ families. In this initiative, two of his staff who used to work with him supported and got help from another friend who has offered him his car for the food distribution. Venturing out like this gave goose bumps to all but they all felt happy after seeing the smiling face of the people they supported.

Next day Anurag thought that he should continue the initiative and should not stop with a thought in the mind that it is the sense of responsibility towards the society and the people. However he realised that he is not having enough savings to get the grocery items for distribution. And then he decided to share the idea with his students, their families and his own friends, soon things started taking place when he started receiving help from the people around him. The initiative was given a name of ‘Antyoday’ by Shaan Foundation.

In few days, the team has started distributing the food on daily basis as and when they get any request for food from any area of the Gurugram. The “Magical Four” team led by Anurag has record of providing the help within 30-45 mins upon receiving the request. For record purposes they clicked pictures of the grocery packets before distribution at he location and shared those pictures with the sponsors. In a weeks time, the initiative has became a movement in their circle through social media and word of mouth.

Anurag said “At 500 mark we were stuck, at 1000 we felt that its not possible and at one point after distributing 3,000 packets we ran out of funds. All I had was my remaining savings which I put in for next 300 families, but I heard sometime during my childhood that fortune favours the brave. Then my school seniors connected me to their expat batch-mates and we managed to raise funds for another 1,000 families”.

Till today we have served 6,000+ families (~2 lac meals). Further sharing the experience Anurag mentions that on one day it was raining and with the Corona bomb in Gurugram, they thought not to go for the distribution fearing for life but then we received a call from a local police staff that someone is really in need of groceries, all the hesitations went away and the team was ready with the grocery packets,. The reached the spot within 30 mins!”.

As per Anurag and his friends from the team, they just don’t want to leave their people hungry. The ‘Shaan Foundation’ strongly believes that “…as a nation when we fought together many battles, won and celebrated is past. This time also together we will win this battle against Covid-19”.

The team has launched another initiative named ‘Gramoday’ to provide the job opportunities to the people who left cities during this crisis and returned back to their villages. Currently the team is connecting with various commercial associations / corporates to get the help.  

Let’s come forward and support the team of the “Magical Four”. If you are interested in supporting Shaan Foundations, you can connect with Anurag at this number: +91-80050 59089.

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  1. Grand salute to all u all guys to koi this Shan foundation for helping people’s for distribution food packets

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